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Hinges & latches

TACO METALS offers and inventories a wide array of hinges and latches for use in a variety of applications. Product offerings include:


TACO offers a variety of custom fabrications available to provide design flexibility and meet custom specifications. Custom fabrications include: Custom cut lengths; custom hole diameters, centers and locations; swaging to form hinge leaves for a variety of configurations. A variey of custom finishes are available as well, including painting, aluminum anodizing, stainless steel polishing and sanding. Contact your TACO representative for information.


TACO’s design and engineering team strive to develop innovative new products that will help to make our customers’ jobs easier. Whether it is designing, building or selling boats.


The newest TACO innovation is the Intelli-Hinge. This unique innovation offers boat designers unprecedented design flexibility and versatility. The unique ball and socket pivot point permits hinging on a variety of surfaces regardless of the contour, including concave, convex and multiple plane surfaces. The unique design of the Intelli-Hinge allows it to perform in applications where conventional hinges simply cannot function.


All TACO hinges, latches and accessories featured in this catalog are part of TACO's industry leading stocking program, which offers competitive pricing, a wide assortment of product and stocked inventory to ensure ready availability. For specialized applications TACO will design or customize a hinge or latch to meet specific requirements.