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Feature products

Feature product


Yacht-Style Stainless Steel Rub Rail

  • › Unique Euro-styling, designed for larger boats
  • › Elegant, polished-mirror finish makes it ideal for yachts
  • › Predominantly stainless with small, visible vinyl insert
  • › Optional, rigid vinyl backing absorbs impact and prevents denting
  • › Black insert accents rail, conceals fasteners for a clean look

Three-part design

Stainless Steel Accepts Vinyl Insert

• Stainless steel type 316 • Flexible vinyl insert • Polished mirror finish • Stylish European design • Optional rigid vinyl track installed behind stainless rub rail, absorbs impact for added strength • Custom formed bow and stern components available upon request

♦Drilled and countersunk on 6" centers

Feature product

V21-9846 (with insert S11-4650P12/P16B)

Co-Extruded Rigid & Flexible Vinyl Rub Rail

TACO offers a line of co-extruded rub rails that feature a primary rigid vinyl
rub rail with flexible vinyl inlays. These unique rub rail products seal and protect, offering time and cost savings.

The flexible vinyl performs as a seal to prevent water from getting behind the rail, eliminating the need for caulking during rub rail installation. In addition to time and cost savings associated with the elimination of caulking, the typical yellowing and peeling seen with aging caulk is also eliminated. These inlays also help to absorb the initial impact felt when the boat hits the dock or pylon, protecting the gel-coat from cracking.

Co-Extruded Rigid Vinyl with flexible vinyl leg adapts to hull contour minimizing the need for caulking.

Co-Extruded Rigid Accepts Stainless Steel

• Drilled and countersunk on 6" centers

Feature product


For more information about these specially formulated, co-extruded flexible vinyl inserts, please see Flexible Vinyl Chrome Insert.

Rigid Vinyl with Flexible Vinyl Chrome Insert

Now available with select rigid and semi-rigid rub rail, TACO introduces a line of flexible vinyl chrome inserts that offer the elegant look of stainless while maintaining the easy-handling, flexibility and cost savings of flexible vinyls.
Flexible inserts install without fasteners for a clean smooth look.

V21-9662 (with insert V12-1069CP)

Rigid Vinyl with Flexible Chrome Insert

▼Drilled and countersunk on 8" centers