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Rub rail & trims

TACO METALS Rub Rail has long been the choice of professional boat builders worldwide for its superior design and quality.
TACO supplies rub rail for boats 13 feet and up, including fishing boats, cruisers, cuddy cabins, ski boats, pontoon boats and sailboats.
You name it and TACO has a rub rail product to fit the need.

Quality materials

TACO uses the finest high-grade materials for in-house vinyl extrusion. Prime virgin resins, compounded with UV inhibitors, plasticizers, fungicides and impact modifiers are used to ensure outstanding weather-ability and optimum performance.

Vinyl co-extrusion

TACO's in-house vinyl extrusion operations continue to expand. The addition of co-extrusion lines has allowed TACO to offer a selection of innovative rub rail products that offer savings in time and labor without sacrificing appearance or performance.

Weather seal rub rail

TACO offers rigid vinyl rub rail with a flexible vinyl inlay, co-extruded and drilled in-line. These innovative Weather Seal rub rails seal out water and eliminate the need for secondary caulking. As a result boat builders enjoy a savings in material and labor costs.

Flexible vinyl chrome inserts

TACO also offers co-extruded vinyl inserts that combine the elegant look of stainless steel with the advantages of flexible vinyl. TACO extrudes flexible vinyl, and a specially-formulated chrome mylar that is applied and laminated in- line to the surface of flexible vinyl rub rail. The result is a flexible vinyl insert with the elegant look of stainless steel. Supplied in a continuous coil, the insert is easy to handle and store and installs without fasteners for a one piece smooth and seamless appearance.

TACO stocking inventory program

All rub rails featured in this catalog are a part of TACO's industry-leading stocking program offering competitive pricing, a wide assortment of product, and stocked inventory to ensure ready availability.

Custom requirements

To meet custom requirements, TACO's rub rail experts work closely with customers to design and engineer exclusive profiles for new boat designs. Open dies are also available for production runs in custom colors and lengths as needed to meet specific requirements. Contact your TACO representative to discuss your custom requirements.