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Stainless steel

Stainless Steel Accepts Vinyl Insert

• Stainless steel type 316 • Flexible vinyl insert • Polished mirror finish • Stylish European design • Optional rigid vinyl track installed behind stainless rub rail, absorbs impact for added strength • Custom formed bow and stern components available upon request

♦Drilled and countersunk on 6" centers

Stainless Steel Hollow Back

• Superior stainless steel • Concave back design fits rigid vinyl rub rail • Polished mirror finish • Drilled and countersunk on 6" centers

Type 304

Type 316

Stainless Steel Solid Back

Type 316

• Solid, stainless steel design • Ideal for larger, heavier boats and yachts • Drilled and countersunk on 6" centers • Offered in stainless steel type 316 and 304

♦ Stainless steel type 304

Rub Strakes

Stainless Steel Type 304

• Designed to prevent chafing of dock, fender and anchor lines • Ideal for yachts and larger boats with heavy lines

Rail Ends

Stainless Steel Type 304

• Creates a finished appearance to stainless steel rub rail