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Outrigger mounting plates

Feature product

TACO's Outrigger-Ready Program

Available for use on all tops.

  • › Pre-drilled, weld-on extrusion plates save time and add value through the distribution channel
  • › Eliminate the need for special-order packages and reduce boat inventories

Structural – Aluminium

Multi Function T-top Extrusion Plates

• Heavy-duty, suited for a variety of applications and widely used for outrigger mounts • Offered pre-drilled for easy mounting of Grand Slam 270 and 370 outrigger mounts • Choice of low profile and T-top pipe height • Conceals wiring • Sold in pairs

The GSE-1940

features larger channels for running all co-axial and power cables from T-top lighting, antennas and electronics.

Clamp-On Mounting Plate

Anodized Aluminum

• Easy clamp-on installation • Fits 1-1/16" and 1-5/16" O.D. pipe and oval pipe • Available pre-drilled and undrilled • Modular design allows plate to be cut-to-size to fit all tops

Clamp-On Mounting Plates

make a boat »Outrigger Ready« in an instant, without welding! TACO offers pre-drilled models for mounting TACO Grand Slams and undrilled for mounting lights, radars and antennas. TACO's clamp-on plates are designed for 1-1/16" & 1-5/16" O.D. pipe and 1" x 1-1/2" oval pipe, common on most T-top outer rings and arches. Recessed screw design allows the clamp to capture both the T-top pipe and the special mounting plate.

Clamp Assembly

Makes mounting accessories a snap


Backing Plate

• For additional support required when mounting to hard tops and gunnels

♦ Clam shell (pair)

Wedge Plate

• Injection molded plastic wedges for use with curved T-tops

♦ Clam shell (pair)